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Change Management change management

by Roderick McInnes


Are You The Reason Your Organisation Needs Change?

Time for some home truths. Are you the reason your organisation needs a change programme? You would not be the first business owner, Managing Director or Board member who is part of the problem that a change initiative addresses.

In fact our expert change executives tell us that this is a very common issue. While you may have identified a need for change, you might not be ready to own up to being one of the reasons it is necessary.

Resistance To Change

“We have always done it this way.”

“We have been successful doing it this way.”

“This is the way I work.”

If these statements resonate with you, or other members of your senior management team, perhaps you are more resistant to change than you imagined?

We often talk about employees being resistant to change, but it is not unique to them: whatever your role within an organisation, change is not always welcomed – even by those who instigate it.

In our recent infographic, Change Management: The Road To Success, we asked change and transformation experts for their advice on implementing successful initiatives. They highlighted the issue of business owners not taking personal responsibility for specific problems their companies face, and how difficult it is to execute a change programme without this being acknowledged.

“Expect the truth, no matter how brutal” is one of the key takeaways from our infographic, and it is particularly relevant if the truth is personal to you. While you would expect your employees to take on board feedback about their working methods, attitude and other factors that your change programme highlights; are you willing to listen to that feedback when it is about you?

If you want other members of your team to change, then you will need to be open to change too. The first steps for any successful change programme are for those senior members of an organisation to put their hands up and be accountable.

Key Factors For Successful Change Initiatives

Having acknowledged that you could be a spanner in the works, the next step is to take advice and make personal changes for the benefit of your organisation. This is where you can step up and not only have a positive impact on organisational change, but also lead by example and encourage all other stakeholders to back the change programme too.

Our experts emphasise how important it is that change and transformation professionals “make the client the core of the solution”. This means that although you may bear some responsibility for the situation your business is in, you can also take ownership of the change programme and proactively bring change about.

Not Ready To Own Up?

It can be very difficult for an individual heavily embedded in an organisation to get some perspective. It is always so much easier to look at external forces, or other people, and attribute them or their behaviour to a problem your business has.

Understandably this mindset makes implementing a change programme difficult, particularly if your organisation is trying to achieve this internally without outside support. A willingness for introspection and to embrace help, whether from the Board or from an external change expert, will turn this around.

Fortunately if the problem lies with you, it is well within your powers to make a change programme a great success. You may not be able to control the market and other external forces, or make all your employees sign up to change, but you should certainly be motivated to do this yourself.

Have a look at the infographic that shares other key considerations for both interim executives and their clients when looking for change. We would also like to hear your views, share your thoughts on implementing successful change initiatives below.

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About the Author

Roderick McInnes

Roderick is responsible for all aspects of the marketing and communications mix, ensuring Alium maintains its market position as the leading provider of interim and transformation talent in the UK and internationally.

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