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Alium Partners Latest Dragon Awards

by Roderick McInnes


Nigel Peters On London Live Discussing Dragon Awards And CSR

Nigel Peters was invited to appear on local TV news show, London Live with Noa Burger from the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards to discuss this CSR initiative and the work that Alium Partners is doing with UpRising: resulting in us winning a Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award.

Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards: Partnering In Meaningful Ways

One of the key aspects of successful CSR programmes is to find ways for employees to deliver value using their skills in a really relevant way in the community. With UpRising we are able to share our expertise, the know-how we use when working with senior execs and CEOs, to make a difference to young Londoners in a meaningful way.

Watch the video here to find out more about the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards and our work with UpRising.

The website mentioned by Noa Burger can be found here.

A transcript of the video is below.

Speaker: Hello, Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards might not sound like something from Game of Thrones and in fact, there’s a series of prizes held to recognize businesses who help regenerate local areas. Here to tell us more is now Noa Burger [Preliminary Judge] from the awards and a previous winner, Nigel Peters from Alium Partners.

Noa, tell us the Dragon Awards; what was the thinking behind them?

Noa: So we’re operating in an environment where the voluntary sector is trying to do more with less so resources are slowly shrinking. And they need to find ways to innovate to address some of the challenges that are out there affecting Londoners. So through the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards, we try to recognize businesses that are partnering up with charities in a really meaningful way to harness their talent and their expertise to try and make a difference to some of those Londoners.

Speaker: Nigel Peters, you’re a recruitment company that won an award last year. Tell us how you brought recruitment into work with young people because it’s not always a natural link.

Nigel: It’s not, but there’s such great talent out there in our young people and so often I hear that people can’t find talent, but it’s there and especially in London. So we’ve been helping a charity called Uprising; working with them with underprivileged people in East London and helping them into work. So as a recruitment company what we do is we bring our skills to the young people and help them to get jobs.

Speaker: Tell us—this has been going for thirty years, you mentioned that we’re in a struggle with cuts. What’s your sort of advice to businesses in the area who might be thinking this is the thing we should be doing?

Noa: So I think—my first piece of advice would to have a think about what makes sense to you as a business. So that’s exactly what Alium have done,they’ve said we’re a recruitment firm, our skills are in getting people into work. How can we share that with people who can’t access those opportunities? Another example of a winner last year was IBM who looked at the new computing curriculum and went out and started teaching teachers how to deliver that curriculum. So really think about what your staff can offer to the community so that it both makes a benefit to you as a business but also to the community.

Speaker: You mentioned that—obviously it’s clear how you can help young people now, but what can it do for your staff? What does your staff gain from this experience?

Nigel: When you see the graduates and the people come into the business—we had a session on Friday. We had 13 young people into the organization and we’re mentoring, coaching them, helping them with their CVs. And the same way as we do normally for board level and chief execs who go and help turn around companies. The young people came in and we helped them in the same way. Then you see the smile as they go out. They have so much more confidence because they’ve got skills, but we have to bring it out, then help them link that to the companies because we’re all looking for great talent whether it’s youngsters or senior people. So, you know we just try and help them.

Speaker: A true win-win. Now, if people would like to win this competition, these prizes, what should they should they be doing?

Noa: Just get onto the Dragon Awards website and applications are open now until the 25th of April. There’s plenty of support to help you get through the process and if you’re not ready this year, then there’s lots of help available through the website to start a program and think about how you can do more for the community.

Speaker: Noa Burger and Nigel Peters, thank you so much for joining us.

[End of transcript]

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