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Alium Partners Latest corporate social responsibility

by Roderick McInnes


Why City Giving Day Can Be for All the UK

Today, in association with the Lord Mayor of London and over 200 businesses, Alium Partners are celebrating City Giving Day. This unique event allows organisations in the City to showcase the excellent community work they do in partnership with charities. Roderick McInnes explains why this initiative should spread beyond the Square Mile.

As any business will know, moving offices can be a stressful and traumatic experience. Moving offices after 8 years in one place, as we have just done, even more so – especially when you are hosting the Lord Mayor of London in the same week!

But as we settle into our new space around the corner in Old Jewry, it has given the team here time to reflect on how much we have changed and grown as a business since we started in 2003. One key way is through our now-established CSR programme. Whether it is volunteering, donations, fundraising or environmental, initiatives that allow team members to make a difference have changed the culture and outlook of our team immeasurably.

As we celebrate this success through City Giving Day, with over 200 other businesses in the Square Mile, I think, as the Lord Mayor has himself suggested, there is every reason why this can’t be developed into a UK Giving Day for all organisations. In the post-economic downturn environment, distrust of business is still present and business leaders need to work hard to earn back this trust.

As such, and with the support of civic leaders and mayors across the country, using London’s City Giving Day as a template is a great way for companies and communities to come together, improve relations and actually “make a difference.”

We are only a relatively small business, but with the help of dedicated organisations such as Heart of the City and City Action, the team here have been able to assist young graduates from our charity partner UpRising to get out into the job market. But this needn’t stop in London. From Brighton to Bradford, Bangor to Belfast, Glasgow to Gloucester, there is no reason that cities up and down the UK can’t have their own City Giving Day.

Have you taken part in City Giving Day in London? What do you think of the idea of a UK City Giving Day? Let us know in the comments below.


About the Author

Roderick McInnes

Roderick is responsible for all aspects of the marketing and communications mix, ensuring Alium maintains its market position as the leading provider of interim and transformation talent in the UK and internationally.

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