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Business Leadership brevit

by Nigel Peters


Business After Brexit – A Surprise – And An Opportunity

The morning after, the night before – so much to talk about and analyse – and a lot to think about too. Whichever way you voted, this was an amazing and historic result with huge ramifications, not only for our relationship with Europe and the world, but also for the United Kingdom as a political entity. More on that throughout the days, weeks and years to come, I’m sure. Back to today and a key question – what is the next step for businesses and those who lead them?

I believe we have to put politics to one side, which will be a further distraction until at least October. What we really need now is clear vision and leadership from business leaders – and this vision was definitely missing during the campaign and therefore my reason for a more stable “In” vote. However, now that we have a firm decision, it is time to get on with business! We have had enough hesitation and market nerves over the last few months. These negotiations will take at least two years and so we have time to adjust to our new environment, agree what the future looks like and set out our stalls for success – don’t panic.

Our view as a nation is to leave and as a democracy it is for our politicians to deliver this. So let’s crack on. There is already a huge fall in the markets and Sterling, as expected, but that just sets the platform – we have to now enable our wonderful nation to prosper and set its own course under our regulations, our agreements and most importantly under our own ability to manufacture and provide goods and services – which we can do well.  But we will have to adapt and manage the uncertainty ahead if they are to be the best.  Whether you do this through new products, services, systems or people (interim or permanent!), your company needs to make the decisions. Time to move forward now, with conviction and with confidence.

Share your views on this historic vote and next steps for business leaders in the comments below.

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About the Author

Nigel Peters

As well as his strategic role of Managing Partner, Nigel also has responsibility for the Private Sector practice. Heading up this division, Nigel and his team are responsible for the immediate provision of senior interims and transformation teams to lead business solutions across a wide span of the private sector from FTSE 250/100 to private equity and AIM listed businesses. His team provide director level and senior management roles across the traditional functional areas such as HR, finance, IT and procurement, as well as business leaders to deliver transformational change and integration expertise.

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