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by Roderick McInnes


5 Marketing Trends That Your Business Should Watch Out For

With over 10 years marketing experience, Rod McInnes shares his views on the latest developments in the marketing world and why they might require a fresh set of eyes in your marketing department.

Are You Aware Of These Marketing Trends?

Marketing is an industry that does not stand still and as such it is important that businesses ensure they are fully informed in the latest ways to reach their target audience effectively. Whether you run an in-house function/department, are fully supported by a marketing agency, or as in Alium, have a hybrid of the two, some of the new marketing tools and developments that are coming to the fore are going to make a real difference:

  1. User Experience (UX)

An old concept, but a new name for it. However you engage with your customers, whatever platforms you use, putting your user journey and experience at the heart of this is essential. Consider what customers are looking for, what are their pain points, key questions and how do the products/services you provide help? If the user journey is not a smooth one, prospects will not convert into customers. You must marry your audience and their intent. This is especially important in the era of…

  1. Mobile

Mobile searches overtook desktop this year. This is a trend that has been coming for some time but it is a measure of your business whether you’re ahead of it or not. Ensuring your website is mobile optimised with a responsive design is essential. Having a clunky, non mobile friendly website or email platform will damage your business – however it is worth noting that statistics show that conversion is still higher on desktop sites – so don’t forget your main site!

  1. User Personas And Big Data

There has been a lot of talk around the challenge of big data for marketers recently, but it is an issue that has been around a long time and is not going away. For effective marketing it is essential that you profile your customers into user personas – but to do this you must have confidence in your data – the phrase data mined, customer aligned is often used here. Companies, especially larger ones, often find themselves with huge quantities of data that are meaningless unless they have been analysed and profiled. Although it may take more time and investment, starting with a clean and well-defined database will mean you will be able to identify and communicate clearly with your user personas.

  1. Personalisation

Linked to this is personalisation. Once you understand what your customer wants and who they are, it is important that you personalise your messaging to them, whatever platform you are using. It is also vital to look at web and user behaviour to understand this further, what is their purchase history etc.? This will inform you about the approach you can use when talking to customers – e.g. implicit or explicit. Being able to achieve this “single customer view” will be key to your success

  1. Automation

Lastly, make it easy and comfortable for your customer through automation – this is especially the case in email marketing. Make sure you have the tools in place for them to come to you and feel at ease with your brand, allowing them to log in for example, welcoming them back and, most importantly in the era of content marketing, provide them value added information that will bring them closer to you and closer to their next purchase.

What are your thoughts on the latest challenges in marketing? Do you have more to add to the above? Share your thoughts with our author and our community.

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About the Author

Roderick McInnes

Roderick is responsible for all aspects of the marketing and communications mix, ensuring Alium maintains its market position as the leading provider of interim and transformation talent in the UK and internationally.

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